Personal Injury

Prior to commencing Court Proceedings in Ireland claimants must comply with the provisions of The Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act, 2003. This Act provides that anyone intending to seek compensation for a Personal Injury (other than a Personal Injury arising out of Medical Negligence) must make an application to the

The handles personal injuries claims relating to motor accidents, accidents in the workplace and claims involving public liability.

The time frame in which to issue a claim for compensation is two years from the date of accident, failure to comply with the time frame will result in your case becoming statute barred. There are exceptions to this time frame, where persons are under 18 years of age and some other categories however we would advise you to submit your claim within the said two years to avoid disappointment.

The have recommended that you notify the respondent/s (the person/s whom the claim is being made against) in writing of your intention to bring a claim for compensation for personal injuries sustained within two months from the date of accident.

The have set out a precise procedure which must be followed when submitting a claim for compensation. The Solicitors and Support Staff at Patrick W. McGonagle & Co would be most delighted to meet you to discuss the practice and procedures involved in submitting a claim to the Should the need ever arise please contact either Patrick W. McGonagle or Tracey O’Reilly at (01) 8404697 or if you prefer you can email us at to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION.